ZILBEARI: VMRO - DPMNE is prolonging the "Przino Agreement"

CIVIL- Center for Freedom continues with the practice of being an open platform for views and analyses in regards to the socio-political processes in the electorate context.

CIVIL Media conducted a mini series of interviews with leading intellectuals, public figures in the social sphere and experts and analysts, from which a number of interesting and significant perspectives and analyses were received. They were all asked the same questions relating to the development of the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis, the obstructions and violations of the Przino Agreement, and the opportunities for creating the right conditions for free elections in April 2016.

These discussions are part of the activities of the Project “Free elections for free citizens”, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Elida Zilbeari, chief editor of "Portalb" in Albanian language, one of the most widely read portals in the Albanian language in Macedonia, has many reservations about the implementation of fair and democratic elections and considers that the elections will be conducted in an "effiecient manner", according to the request of the EU, meaning "without violence" but that it does not mean that they will truly be free and democratic.

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CIVIL Media: How do you assess the political process in Macedonia in the context of the implementation of the Przino Agreement?

ZILBEARI: I would say that the implementation of the agreement will go very hard.  We have seen agreements in different areas achieved, lets say, at the last minute, as well as passing of deadlines. I think that VMRO-DPMNE benefits the most out of this, which with every condition attempts to delay the deadline for the implementation of the agreement, and indeed, I do not see any process or fundamental political reform in relation to this Agreement.

CIVIL Media: What are the most serious violations of the Przino Agreement?

ZILBEARI: The most critical, most problematic issues regarding the implementation of the Przino Agreement began with its signing. We are witnessing many delayed deadlines, and this is a very serious omission. I would also like to emphasize that not electing members of the State Election Commission is a serious omission. Members should have been elected by now, which will regulate many issues (the interview was recorded on December 14, two days before the new composition was elected, and the SEC was not yet elected – n.b), especially in regards to the revision of the Voters' List until the next elections. And that has still not been achieved.

This problem was also highlighted by the Ambassador of the European Union in Macedonia, Aivo Orav, who said: "Leave the people aside, at least solve this problem"

The second seious problem regarding the non-implementation of the Przino Agreement is in relation to the media. The working groups have still not agreed on the laws or the regulation that is to be developed and implemented in the media, which in turn is a key factor in the realization of the elections or in informing the citizens about the elections.

I would like to point out one element, which is in relation to not starting the work of the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva. This is a serious omission, because we do not know whether she will achieve results before the elections, to which there are four months remaining.

CIVIL Media: Can and how is it possible to create conditions for free elections in April 2016?

Елида Зилбеари

Elida Zilbeari

ZILBEARI: Honestly, I have many reservations about whether there will be fair and democratic elections. I think these elections will be conducted in an "effeicent manner",  as they are called by the European Union, which would mean "without violence", but that does not mean they will be free and democratic elections. I say this because I do not think there will be enough time to implement the reforms in the sphere of the State Election Commission, which means revising the Voter’s list.

For revising the Voters' List, in my opinion, there will be more than four months work, and having in consideration that it has not been revised until now, for probably more than ten years, I do not believe that there will be enough time to April to make such a major change. Changes will be made, except in the elections, there will be in the media. I believe that there will be other changes, but they will be made in an insubstantial manner, given the time remaining until the elections.

Marija Tegovska

Camera Dehran Muratov

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