You will be taken responsible for every word of hatred, for every lie and slander

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has been facing fierce pressures and a black campaign for years, which have the purpose of hiding the truth on the difficult situation of human rights, for which the organization has been continuously reporting for years. This is an address to all those who with their actions are trying to harm the reputation and deep trust that CIVIL enjoys from the entire public, from all the citizens of Republic of Macedonia. Today we are addressing them directly and publically, not because these facts and views are not known, but rather to remind them too that we will not forget their atrocity against democracy, human rights and against the dignity of a vast number of people in our country.

CIVIL condemns every act of violation of the laws and the of Constitution, every form of hate speech, lie and slander, regardless of whether it concerns the President of Macedonia, a leader of a political party or the media. We have proven this many times by now, and we will continue to do so. This also regards anyone in relation with CIVIL, regardless of whether it is a manager, member, associate, supporter or an observer.

Everyone is equal before the law.

Everyone is treated equally also before CIVIL’s Bylaw and Code.

All citizens of Macedonia know this, even those who you think you have convinced of your lies, which are supposed to defend your masters.

We know that democracy, freedom of expression, rule of law and equality are foreign to you, but we will remain committed to constantly promoting and practicing them.

Tell your masters that we will not allow them to distract the attention away from the responsibility for corruption, electoral fraud and for the cruelty with which they have governed for 11 years.

You will not succeed to take the eyes of the public away from all the evil in which you participated as faithful dogs. Your continuous black propaganda and despicable lies will not help you, much less will the relativization and spinning. There is nothing you can do to lessen the damage from all the poison you have spilled these years. You have taught the children and young people to hatred, to vulgarity and violation, and now you are squealing.

You are yet to reap what you have sown. You are yet to see what you have caused with your irresponsible, unaccountable and evil behavior.

You are personification of hate speech and black propaganda. We will in return reply with the truth, with professionalism, objectivity, but also with the power of the law. The protection that you had for so many years by the controlled judiciary is coming to an end.

You will be taken responsible for every word of hatred, for every lie and slander that you published during all these years. Every one of us is personally promising you that.

To freedom!

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