You’ll get “sacked” if you go to vote

CIVIL’s Team for analyses and coordination has received another report for threats against employees of a private firm in a municipality in the southern part of the country. The owner of the company had threatened the employees that they would get “sacked” if they went to vote. According to the report, this event happened today, during the referendum silence, which is an additionally serious irregularity.

CIVIL’s observers from the ground report that the employees, in their statements, had expressed fear of losing their jobs.

CIVIL Media yesterday published a case where another owner of a private firm from the same part of the country had been threatening the employees not to go to vote at the Referendum. Data on the firm and other details on these pressures are known to CIVIL, but are not published for the purpose of protecting the sources.

CIVIL is calling on the institutions to take decisive sanctions against all entities that are abusing their position and are carrying out pressure on the voters in any context.

Team for analyses and coordination of CIVIL

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