December 1-30, 2011

Each day of December we dedicate to a particular article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, corresponding to the date. Join us! Share your story with the world…

You have rights no matter where you go

You are entitled to make benefit of your rights at any place and at any time, solely because of the fact that you were born as a human, free and equal in rights and dignity. Human rights know no state borders. As a person, you are entitled to those rights in relation with any other institution or an individual.

Human rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration are universal in character and any person is entitled to those rights before the law of any country in the world. Being recognized as a person before the law in fact means to be recognized as an inviolable bearer of all the rights granted by the Universal Declaration.

Article 6 implies an obligation for all government institutions and everyone acting on behalf of the government to treat citizens in a manner respectful for human rights and the dignity of each individual. Moreover, in order to fulfill this concept, governments are due to render effective mechanisms for protection of human rights and to employ all of their capacity in creating adequate conditions for bringing human rights to life.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 6

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

No one is alowed to deprive you from the rights guaranteed by the Declaration or limit them in an unlawful way. Denying the rights of the Universal Declaration means denial and violation of the human dignity and the very fact of being a human. We as citizens and as humans – above all, should pledge to stand in defense of our rights and oppose any attempt for infringement. The times of today demand proactive citizens and they impose a necessity to be educated on the human rights and mechanisms of their protection.

As the title of our project HUMAN=RIGHTS implies, being a human means to be aware of one’s rights and the rights of the others and to act in the spirit of solidarity and consciousness.


Prepared by Alexandar Bogdanoski, Program Assistant, Civil – Center for Freedom


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