World Day of Social Justice: Macedonia is a dark place to live in

Systematic and continous violation of human rights and freedoms, bad policies in the sphere of social justice, growing poverty, non-functioning of trade unions that are supposed to protect workers’ rights, abuse of social issues in the electoral and political context is a “tradition” that has deep roots in Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia is a dark place of living. That is how our country is experiencing also this February 20th, World Day of Social Justice.

Social justice is high on the agenda of CIVIL – Center for Freedom. This also includes efforts for respecting workers’ rights, but also protection of other social and socially marginalized and disadvantaged categories of citizens.  Many people face daily discrimination and violation of social rights, in a fiercly corrupt system that is accompanied with criminal rule in which it is precisely the poor and underprivileged who suffer the most.

World Day of Social Justice is devoted to promoting efforts and committments for tackling poverty, social and economic exclusion and unemployment.

The United Nations General Assembly on November 26, 2017 decided to proclaim February 20 as a day devoted to social development, solidarity, equality and harmony as fundamental values in achieving social justice, that is, “society for all” and equal opportunities for everyone. By observing this day, the international community and UN member states commit themselves to increase their efforts in eradication of poverty, the promotion of full employment, gender equality and access to social well-being and justice for all.


The research and analyses that CIVIL has carried out with the project “Social justice now!” and “Promises and abuses”, along with its commitmment for public disclosure of the social injustices, point to the fact that the abuse of social issues in Macedonia stems from the country’s captivity and political manipulations in the struggle for power.

Unfortunetly, with the deepening of the political crisis in the country, we can conclude that Macedonia is increasingly more sinking in poverty, along with complete exclusion of the socially disadvantaged groups of citizens.

CIVIL advocates for social justice and has been for years demanding publically for an effecient and fast resolution of the problems in this area, immediate improvement of social policies and is calling on political parties, institutions and regulators to free themselves from party limitations and to timely react to abuses of social justice.

CIVIL is urging the citizens of Republic of Macedonia not to be afraid and to bravely and freely speak about their problems and to publically fight for their constitutionally guerenteed right to a dignified life.

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