Who will stop the madness?

CIVIL has already called for a stop to the spiral of violence among young people, and for the law enforcement authorities to urgently complete their work in order to prevent new fighting among young people on the streets of Skopje. The violence continued on the streets of Skopje. The social networks are filled with speculations, whereby the institutions remain silent!

Questions that the institutions can not afford to be raised remain unanswered, but they must not remain silent once these issues have been raised! Who is to blame for the madness of the ethnic hatred which, as an epidemic, is spreading among young people? Who is manipulating with the discontent of the young people, organized in fan groups, dealing out their own "justice" over the "different ones"?

Three inter-ethnic fights in just four days. Is the government marking the 14th anniversary of the Ohrid Agreement in this way?!

CIVIL - Center for Freedom once again calls for responsibility for the attacks that occurred in the center of Skopje!

Are the pictures of the beaten young people, of the children, of the faces of the victims covered with blood who were tortured by cruel attackers on the main Skopje square, in front of the shopping mall "Mavrovka", at the entrance to the Old Town not enough?

Where is MOI?

Where is the Prosecutor’s Office?

Are the police, private security and surveillance cameras intended only for protection of monuments and facades? The safety of the living people, apparently, is not on the list of those who employ (and we pay) personnel for maintaining monuments.

Following the first fight after the match between the football clubs "Vardar" - "Shkupi", CIVIL requested from the competent institutions to react rapidly, to find those responsible for violence against innocent people, among which are women and minors. We demand an urgent response. We have not heard even one word.

The Football Federation and the clubs "Vardar" and "Shkupi" also remained silent, as well as the "Sverceri" and the political leaders of the ruling parties that often use the "services" of the fans. The “Komiti” were the only ones that made an attempt to defend themselves, but ended their statement with a threat!

The sports stands in Macedonia have turned into locations that initiate violence and hatred, instead of sport spirit, that spill over into the streets, parks, public transportion...

In the call for responsibility, parents whose children are recruits in extremist and violent groups can not be ignored.

The education system must also not be pardoned, which has been devastated by the catastrophic reforms. Education has been for a long time now a place through which nationalism, chauvinism, prejudice and hate speech are promoted, and on that account, has lost its educational component.

What do sports officials do in these circumstances?

Will there be a referee in Macedonia, who in the burst of nationalism on the sports fields, will have the courage to end the match?

Will there be a politician in Macedonia that will be able to reach the reasonable figures among those of "his own" as well as those of the "others" and stop the madness?

Answers must be given to all these questions immediately, before the fights grow into more serious violence.


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