Art performance by Xhabir Deralla


SPEAK UP! Project of artists for human rights and solidarity
Civil - Center for Freedom

WE ARE THE TRUTH organization is fighting against freedom, human rights, justice and equality. We packed all these nonsense into armored boxes in order to sink them into the Holy River in support of the wonderful pink future of our ancient nation.

  • You are not Free as long as you are not a member of the Renaissance Party.
  • You have no Human Rights until you deserve them by becoming fully obedient to the Leader.
  • There is no Justice other than the one of the Renaissance Justice System.
  • There is no Equality! The one and only Leader is above us, safeguarding our dreams and desires, feeding us, giving us jobs, telling us what is right and truthful.

We provide strong and unwavering support of the Renaissance Government of the Republic of Renaissance.
Let us remind you: amongst so many other wonderful things, it is the Renaissance Government that has planted the three willows symbolizing Love, Faith and Hope into the Holy River. That's what this ancient nation needs -- Love, Faith and Hope, not some fairytales such as Freedom, Human Rights, Justice and Equality.
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WE ARE THE TRUTH is a genuine pro-government militant organization for support of the Truth, thus of the Renaissance Government of the Republic of Renaissance, led by the Renaissance Party and by the Leader's wisdom and virtue. WE ARE THE TRUTH stands in defense of every word in the programme of the Baroque Government of the Republic of Renaissance. We commit ourselves, our lives and honor to defend the new truths revealed by the Renaissance government's experts. Thus, we deeply appreciate history brought into our lives through planting hundreds of monuments of the grand fathers of our ancient nation and raising dozens of ancient buildings to host thousands of diligent soldiers of the Renaissance Party.

We believe that the only truth comes from the Renaissance Media. All other media are filthy liars and traitors.
WE ARE THE TRUTH organization praises our Renaissance Government for turning our nation into a naval force by building the ships in the Holy River. We enlisted all our members to be the first marines of the Renaissance Expedition to the pink future, undertaken by these ships. Once they sail off.
WE ARE THE TRUTH organization does not believe in violence, but in force. Therefore, force will be used in defense of the Truth brought by the Renaissance Government of the Republic of Renaissance and the gracious Leader of the Renaissance Party. Force will be used in defense of the Holy Church which has blessed our Leader.

WE ARE THE TRUTH will use force in defense of our holy nation from crooked godless creatures and perverts. There is no room for gays and other types of deviant and sick people in our wonderful Republic of Renaissance. WE ARE THE TRUTH will use force in defense of our holy nation from the different ones.
WE ARE THE TRUTH will use force in defense of our holy family values and will use force to increase the fertility of the nation.
Death is our friend when we speak of our opposition. To the gallows with the opposition! Hang the different!

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