CIVIL – Center for Freedom calls for an immediate stop to the violence and chaos in the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia.

The persecutors and organizers of this violent intrusion and violence against the MPs need to immediately face the full force of the law.

The Ministry of Interior has to impose law and order now!  The reaction of the members of the special police forces was obviously inadequate to the crisis situation and allowed for violence to take place against the MPs from among the new parliamentary majority and news crews. The Minister of Interior and the commanding structures of the Police need to answer what caused the failure in securing the Parliament.

In this difficult moment for Republic of Macedonia, when the foundations of the democracy and constitutional order of the country are threatened, we urge all citizens to stay calm and we congratulate the MPs for the determination and courage to fulfill the citizens’ expectations to put an end to the difficult uncertainty of the country that certain structures, against which investigations for serious crimes, corruption, abuse and electoral fraud are being led, are pushing the country into.

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