Video of Ordanoski: Exit from the despotism in Macedonia

In the race between the political and legal state in Macedonia, a significant step was made today in favor of the country. I believe that today’s press conference of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, with such a serious case that opens up an investigation, speaks of the seriousness and correctness for which the Special Prosecution was established.

Видео колумна: д-р Сашо Орданоски

Video column: PhD. Saso Ordanoski

I think that the prosecutors are rightfully choosing this case as the first one, because it is essentially a sublimation of all the abuses of not only the legal, but also of the democratic state in this regime that has been ruling Macedonia in the past ten years. The start of this investigation, with such close senior associates of Mr.Gruevski who are implied in these charges, means that the work of the SPPO (Special Public Prosecutor’s Office) will be very serious, with many political implications that will be far-reaching. Everyone, the entire public and those involved and those around them are aware. We can see that nervousness, through their media, in the behavior of entire structures in the country, who in one way or another will probably be implicated in this investigation and in many other anticipating ones.

Furthermore, do not forget that this is just the beginning of an investigation. I believe that the prosecution from this point will be starting with eight suspects, but that circle will actually expand a lot. What we heard at the first press-conference, is quite dramatic for Macedonian circumstances. This means the prosecutors are bringing accusations that are at the center of the abuses of the state.

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Forging elections is an extremely serious act of crime. And we say this before we even know who is going to end up in prison, but I do think that, by default, those acts are of such nature and their implications are of such nature that a great part of those accused will probably end up having to go to prison.

Do not forget that this concerns two former ministers. From what we heard, even though their names were not mentioned, the entire public knows who this is about. This is about a minister who had been abusing an entire ministry, and not just any ministry, but one of the key ones, a state-building ministry in any country, and also in ours, and that is the Ministry of Interior. If these accusations are to be proven, as stated in the indictment, we will find ourselves in front of a serious milestone, both a political and legal one, in regards to what is going to follow in Macedonia.

My impression is that as of next week other indictments of the SPPO will also follow. Ultimatly, Macedonia needed this for a long time – to remove ourselves from the speculative, undemocratic, despotic atmosphere in which the ruling party is so in our reality, in a way that it wants to be, and in one in which we are all immersed and are living in unconsciousness, while at the same time not having institutions that are doing their job.

Now the ball will be transferred to the court, and we will see with which capacity it is going to act, but you know how it is to receive established indictments, there isn’t much maneuvering space for the court. Therefore, I don’t expect for anyone to dare go so far as to create a coup in that sphere, and to simply ignore everything, but rather I do think that a procedure will be initiated, one that is normal for these types of acts, and that will be the continuation of the investigation process.

The cases are specific, especially this one, because they involve many people, there are people who will want to speak up and probably already have on the details regarding how things were abused and how the laws had been violated. From here on we need to let the legal state say what it has to say. It’s good that unlike all previous charges during Gruevski’s regime, when people were detained in front of cameras, the prosecution has chosen to start implementing justice in Macedonia in a civilized and correct manner, without any spectacles and hysterias.

I think we will get our satisfaction on the day when at least some of these people will end up in prison for what they have done.

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