"Transparency International": The corruption is increasing in Macedonia!

According to the latest survey of "Transparency International", Index of perception of corruption, particularly in the public sector, Macedonia is on the 66th place. On the list of 168 countries and territories, Macedonia splits the 66th place with Turkey and Sao Tome and Principe.

The survey has been conducted since 1995 and the Perceptions Index is based on relevant research conducted in the last two years. Macedonia in 2013 was ranked 67th place in 2014 at 64th place, so this year's position is again in drop for two places.

UntitledThe index of perception of corruption is a set of data obtained from various sources that represent perceptions of the business community and experts about the level of corruption in the public sector in each of the states that are part of the research.

According to the analysis of "Transparency International", year 2015 showed that citizens, if they work together, can successfully fight against corruption. Although this is still a global problem, a number of countries last year managed to reduce the level of corruption.

"Transparency International" is worried about those countries that in 2015 are ranked worse compared to last year. Macedonia and Hungary, Spain and Turkey are a part of that list. In these countries, corruption is growing, and the space for civil society and democracy is reduced, according to the analysis.

According to the recommendations of the survey, corruption will not be reduced as long as the laws and regulations are not being implemented, and the civil society and the media are not fully free. The recommendations of "Transparency International" and the detected problems in Macedonia fully coincide with the analysis of CIVIL –Center for Freedom that constantly indicates the need for an active civil society and free media.

"The index of perception of corruption in 2015 clearly shows that corruption continues to be a problem worldwide. But 2015 is also the year when people took to the streets again to protest against corruption. People from around the world sent a signal to those in power, it's finally time to deal with corruption", is the conclusion of Transparency International.

In this regard CIVIL continues to work emphasizing the importance of reducing the level of corruption in Macedonia, being one of the main problems we face, despite the captured media, non-functioning of state law, the lack of conditions for free and fair elections and protection of human rights and freedoms.

Marija Tegovska

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