Timeline: news digest by CIVIL (June 18-19, 2016)

Weekend news digest of main events for Republic of Macedonia (June 18-19, 2016): The ultimatum of the Colorful Revolution expires|| AJM assesses the action of Gruevski’s security against TV 21 journalists as cowardly || Who’s to blame for not having negotiations || Taleski is still not under house arrest? || VMRO-DPMNE celebrates 26th anniversary|| SDSM: “Judge Pop Stefanija judges unlawfully” 


The ultimatum of the Colorful Revolution expires

The ultimatum that was set by the Colorful Revolution and civil society organizations expired on Saturday. The Constitutional Court did not place SPO’s initiative on the agenda of its next session scheduled for Wednesday. The Constitutional Court was to debate on the SPO, as one of the ultimate demands that the Colorful Revolution and the opposition set, with a deadline until June 18. They also demand a stop to the police persecution on protesters.

AJM assesses the action of Gruevski’s security against TV 21 journalists as cowardly

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia condemned the latest incident that was caused in TV21 by the security of former Prime Minister and leader of the ruling party Nikola Gruevski. According to AJM’s President Naser Selmani, the act with which members of the security had forced a journalist to delete photographs is very cowardly.

“I find this to be a cowardly act only because in an undemocratic country the security of the former Prime Minister demonstrates force over the media. I would like to remind Mr. Gruevski that freedom of expression is guaranteed in Macedonia. He is a public figure at a public place, journalists have a right to take photographs of him”.

Who’s to blame for not having negotiations?

There is still no specific date as to whether and when negotiations will continue among the four major political parties for overcoming the political crisis.

Disagreements continue between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, in terms of who’s to blame for the uncertainty concerning the negotiations, while the Albanian parties have announced a constructive relationship. DUI urges for VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM to overcome their party interests and to work in exchange for the interests of the citizens.

The oppositional SDSM say that the updating of the Voters Register and media regulations are the main condition for them to return to the negotiating table. For VMRO-DPMNE these demands are absurd.

Taleski is still not under house arrest?

There is still no house arrest for Bitola Mayor Vladimir Taleski, a suspect in the “Transporter” case that is led by the SPO, despite the fact that the decision from the Criminal Court has been sent by fax as of Thursday.

The Criminal Court clarified that the decision with the guidelines on how to proceed has been sent to the Bitola Police. The Court claims that the decision has been delivered and that all timely measures have been taken for informing the police and the parties involved in the procedure. The Bitola Police denies that it has received the decision for Taleski’s house arrest, and give no explanation on how it is possible for them not to have received it even after four days. Taleski’s lawyer had immediately received the decision and the same day appealed to the Appellate Court. SDSM has demanded an irrevocable resignation of the Mayor.

TVMRO-DPMNE celebrates 26th anniversary

Under the slogan “Ideas and actions – stronger than everything else”, the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE celebrated the 26th anniversary of its founding, in front of the Museum of VMRO. Even though they manifested unity in public, the party is faced with accusations of the SPO, in a year in which five key figures have resigned. Since its formation, VMRO-DPMNE has had two leaders. Ljubco Georgievski led the party until May 2003, when current president and former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski came to the position.

SDSM: Judge Pop Stefanija judges unlawfully (19.06.2016)

SDSM announced a court decision with which judge Aleksandra Pop Stefanija along with six other judges from around the country had been brought to the Skopje Court, in the Department of Offence. Two months ago, she was the only one to be transferred to another department, according to SDSM, in a suspicious manner. Last week Pop Stefanija brought the scandalous decision which requires the SPO to prove that it is responsible for the “Fortress” case. This was written in the decision following the request for detention of the Chief of the Fifth Department Goran Grujovski.

Pavle Bogoevski and activists of the Colorful Revolution arrested!

Pavle Bogoevski one of the most notable activists of the Colorful revolution was arrested by the police tonight in an attempt to raise a banner by the banks of the Vardar River. He and several other activists, in a peaceful guerrilla action tried to unfold a banner from the Stone Bridge, at a time when VMRO-DPMNE was celebrating its 26-th birthday on the opposite side, with Nikola Gruevski giving his speech.

The police prevented the activists of raising the banner. The activists of “Protestiram” (I protest), are urging people to come to the police station were Bogoevski is held.


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