The Union of UPOZ excludes Mitrevski

“Zivko Mitrevski, recent President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), was not only dismissed by the Council of SSM from his function, but was also excluded by the Union of UPOZ. His behavior is contrary to the Bylaw of the Union on many grounds and this represents another red card for Mitrevski”, stated for Green CIVIL Pece Grujovski, President of the Union of UPOZ.


According to Grujovski, political games are the reasons why the newly elected Acting President of SSM, Darko Dimovski, has not been registered in the Central Registry from November 13 until today.

“On November 13, 28 of the total of 52 members of the Council of the SSM, according to the Bylaw, dismissed Mitrevski from being President, because of activities he had been undertaking for a longer period of time: autocracy, making decisions without a quorum, making decisions when there was quorum, but without enough votes, financial abuses and others. However, he has not left office even after 1.5 month”, says Grujovski.

The legal deadline expires for less than a month, for when the Council of the SSM is to appoint Dimovski at a new session from the position of Acting President to the position of President. The Union’s lawyers, as Grujovski says, have submitted a criminal charge against those responsible in the Central Registry for unlawful action in the case “Mitrevski-Dimovski”, after they had received confirmation from the Public Prosecution that there are no legal obstacles in the Central Registry for the newly elected Acting President to be registered.


М. Таleska


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