The silent usurper who attacked Germany

Unbelievable. The person who presents himself as the President of the Republic of Macedonia – has spoken out! Nobody loves Macedonia! – said he. Moreover, he is questioning and accusing Germany! Macedonia did not receive a single penny! EU has betrayed Macedonia!

Shkruan: Xhabir Derala

By Xhabir Deralla

For him, it is not enough that Macedonia has kept the EU candidate status seven times in a row. For him, the hundreds of millions of euros and dollars that the government has been receiving for years for one thing and has been spending on other things, is also not enough. He demands respect for Macedonia, but does not say anything about the respect that precisely he and his masters in the government are perhaps lacking. He and Macedonia are two different stories. The citizens of Macedonia who love their country and respect the institution of the President, do not place him in the same category.

Germany supports and respects Macedonia, but we are not sure whether that is true for the Macedonian corrupted politicians who have not shown neither love, nor respect for their own country. I hope that Germany and the international community, will not give money to those here to deal with the refugee crisis. I hope that they will not give them money for anything!

I hope that nobody out there is crazy to give money to someone who is so obviously corrupted and against whom there is an ongoing investigation and criminal charges have been raised for abuses, corruption, crime and electoral fraud.

If Germany were to allocate financial resources for Macedonia at this moment, the risk for German taxpayers’ money is quite high. That money are likely to be abused, just as many times before.

Citizens of Macedonia, as well as the international community, already have unpleasant and bitter experiences with the clique in power, which abuses money for gaining personal wealth and for massive political corruption, and widespread clientelism.

It is very likely that if Germany allocates money to the Macedonian rulers – in this delicate moment, in the midst of an extremely problematic election process and a political crisis caused by crime and abuse of power – those money would be abused for the purpose of organizing another electoral fraud and for filling the already deep private pockets of the rulers in this country. One could expect, for example, that such money might be used for buying yet another building site for the former Prime Minister.

These assessments are not made up, but are based on information we have received from the wiretapped conversations, released by the opposition in 2015. How many times have the former Prime Minister and his accomplices lied? How many times have they presented projects that were a complete failure, or were just an ordinary populist propaganda? And how many of these projects that the former Prime Minister presented as a personal gift from him, are actually projects funded by the international community? According to what otherwise silent President of Macedonia says, the EU signs on the highways throughout Macedonia, the German flag, the US flag and many others, are just a decorative element.

I am not saying that the European policy doesn’t have flaws and some even quite serious, but the consistency with which precisely Germany, several other European countries and the USA are supporting Macedonia, is exceptional and has historical dimensions. It is now the German government that is precisely being attacked by the “angry” president, as Germany’s daily “Bild” called him.

In a rude and arrogant manner, he calls upon governments of friendly countries and accuses them of treason; and embarrassed our country, again.

The man who, as a university professor, used to sell himself past like an expert and advocate of human rights and freedoms in the, has turned into an accomplice to mass scale fraud, structural violence, institutional discrimination and systematic violation of human rights and freedoms.

He, the same person, as an accomplice in electoral manipulations and fraud, is illegitimately occupying, abusing and most of all – disgracing the institution of the President; a responsible institution that is extremely important for the international reputation of the country. It is not only for his gaffes, awkward public appearances and winking to the US president that embarrass the country. He is embarrassing the institution of the President with real and seriously damaging moves, and mostly – with his silence.

That kind of a person has spoken out, finally, but not to address the disastrous situation in the country; rather, he fired rounds of accusations against the international friends of our country. Yes, the same person who kept silent upon violations of the Constitution, the fall of the university autonomy, violation of women’s rights and turning them into a patriotic reproducing apparatus, mass robbery, beating of students and the entire misery in which the country has been pushed into. Yes, he.


This article has been also published by Plusinfo on March 12, 2016.
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