The ruling parties obstruct the political process in a North-Korean style

The proposed law on outlawing possession, procession, publicizing and disposal of materials that derive from the unlawful interception of communications is unconstitutional. It is a flagrant evidence of the intentions and the attitudes of the ruling parties towards the entire process and negotiations for overcoming the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia.

The very idea of proposing this law illustrates the arrogance and the apparent intention to maintain the course of an undemocratic and authoritarian rule in the country. In a North-Korean style, the proposers and their mentors, impose censorship and prohibition that are in direct contradiction with anything that may be understood under the terms of freedom of expression, democracy, constitution and rule of law.

Despite all efforts to keep the minimum required momentum for implementation of the agreements of June 2 and July 15 to overcome the political crisis, the ruling parties undermine the process from the beginning.

As a consequence of the utter unresponsiveness of the ruling parties, deadlines related to the electoral process and the urgent reforms needed in this area, including the Voters Register revision – are being breached.

Therefore, CIVIL - Center for Freedom, once again, sends categorical demands to the ruling parties to return to the negotiating process and to respect the deadlines set by the political agreement. In order to manifest minimal responsibility, the ruling parties must immediately stop all activities that violate the political agreement, which reduce the chances of securing conditions for free elections in 2016.

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