The author Miroslav Stojanovic - Suki , will present his exhibition and performance EMPATHY FOR THE DEAD in Menada Club (Skopje Old Bazaar), Friday, 27 September, opening at 20 am . The exhibition is part of the "Speak Up!” project of artists for human rights and solidarity

The person about whom I wrote on many occasions, but never enough and never completely, this time I have the honor to be my coworker in the "Speak Up!" project, implemented by Civil - Center for Freedom and financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

"Speak Up!" is a project of the artists in defense of human rights and strengthening of awareness and solidarity, endorsed by numerous authors from different fields of art. After months of hard work and sincere dedication, the author MiroslavStojanovic - Suki ,opens his exhibition and performance EMPATHY FOR THE DEAD in Menada Club on Friday, September 27, at 20h.

MiroslavStojanovic is known to the Macedonian public by his original and powerful artworks in which his views on humans and the world opens new pages of human comprehension of existence, nothingness and the inner quest for the nous.

This timeStojanovic appears on the Macedonian cultural scene with a deep insight into the reality of the world. The world - as seen and representedby our author - is dark and broken apart, partitioned between the demons of greed andbloodthirstiness. The world is a place where humansare humiliated and where devaluation of life is grotesque, painful and tragic at the same time. On the other hand, the way the world is represented by Stojanovic, calls for switching sensors on, standing up and moving. His message is universal. He manages to smash reality apart and put it back together in a way inherent to a creator with strong sensitivity and laser accurate perception.

Thus, we will see his artworks through an unprecedented prism which he will put in the eyes of the audience through interventions in space, through a space reshapedby installations and an altered use of light.

Standard gallery space is no news to the author Stojanovic , but he avoids it as much as possible. So, the choice was made for the Menada Club, which for many plays the role of an alternative ministry of culture, space which by itself is a work of art of many other authors which enriched this space in the past few years.

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