The loud CIVILians met with the new SEC composition

Representatives of  CIVIL – Center for Freedom today had a meeting with State Election Commission President Oliver Derkoski, and most of its members.

At the meeting, the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla, presented the recent findings of CIVIL’s team from the field. At the same time, the findings concerning the problems with the Voters Register were also presented.

A joint conclusion was that the critical tone that characterizes CIVIL, nevertheless, does contribute towards correction of the processes. The CIVILians announced that they would remain loud and uncompromising in the future as well, which was welcomed by President Derkoski and the other members of the SEC.

President Derkoski highlighted the determination of all the SEC members to leave politics at home and to carry out as much as possible a better referendum process. Their mandate, according to the amendments in the Electoral Code, ends on January 15.

Taking into consideration the numerous indications of the SEC on the spending of public money and the luxuriating of the previous composition of this institution, Derkoski informed CIVIL that significant savings have been made at the very start and that this composition of the SEC is strongly determined to work rationally and sensibly, without bonuses and without splurging.

At the meeting, much time was devoted for discussing the “phantoms” – a title that CIVIL introduced during the 2013 local elections. The problem that some voters cannot find themselves on the Voters Register was also stressed, along with a series of other problems that have been dragging on for decades. Work will further continue in CIVIL on SEC information, positions and competencies, from today and in closer communication with this institutions, for which the public will be regularly informed and in detail.

Furthermore, at the meeting between CIVIL and the SEC, the trainings of the members of the Municipal Election Committees and the Electoral Boards were also discussed, as well as the financing of the campaigns, the voting of the diaspora and many other aspects of the SEC scope of work.

CIVIL also presented its plans and briefly presented the methodology of the referendum monitoring, which found understanding by the SEC members.

Both sides concluded that this meeting with plenty of information and views, which lasted 68 minutes, promises improvement and intensification of the communication between CIVIL and the SEC.

Maja Ivanovska


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