The Colorful Revolution: Protest against Ivanov’s threats!

The Colorful Revolution began its protest today with a banner stating “Real statesmen do not threaten citizens”. 


The supporters of this movement gathered in front Special Prosecutor’s Office, from where they headed towards the Parliament. The message they sent today is a response to the latest speech of President Gjorge Ivanov, when he as Commander in Chief mentioned the Army as a way of resolving the crisis?!


While walking towards the Parliament, the Colorful Revolutionaries stopped in front of the building of the Ministry of Justice, at which they threw paint again. They shouted out to the police that was defending the building the words “You are arresting them!” and “You are defending criminals” with the already well-known slogan – “You cannot escape prison, Nikola!”.


The protesters of the Colorful Revolution then arrived in front of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia, where they began with speeches, but soon interrupted them and announced that the van which led the procession of the Colorful Revolution had been stopped on ”Koco Racin” Boulevard, where the drivers had been legitimized by the police. The entire line of people then headed in the direction of the boulevard.

“Together we prevented pardoning of criminals, together we stopped another set of fraudulent elections! Our friends are free! We continue, we are joining in the solving of the crisis!”, was stated in the announcement of the Colorful Revolution for today’s protest.

Text and photos: Marija Tegovska


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