The citizens of Shtip demand changes!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom  continues with its activities within the project “Free elections for free citizens”. The regional group from Shtip held a meeting today with attendees from the local political parties, local citizen organizations and a huge part of the local electronic media.

At the meeting they discussed the current political crisis and whether conditions for free elections in Macedonia have been created. A major problem that was pointed out is themedia situation on a local level, where the situation is reflected in the closure of the media nationwide as well as the political discrimination and pressure. The apathy of young people in Shtip and the lack of will for activism is a problem that everyone agreed on. Some participants believe that the reason for this is a sublimate of all the developments in Skopje, and according to them, the problem can be resolved only by substantial decentralization. It would mean a redistribution of power, resources and projects, and thus to prevent the emigration of young people from small towns. DSC_0536The conclusion from this meeting was that the judicial handling of the proceedings of the Special Public Prosecutor is necessary, which would remove the fears of the majority of citizens in Macedonia.With the attendees in Shtip we discussed the upcoming public event "All for free elections" on16th of January in their city, for which CIVIL prepared video content and printed material.

The regional working group is an ad hoc body that invites all the representatives of the political parties, citizen organizations, media and interested citizens. The regional working group is an ad hoc body formed within the project "Free elections for free citizens" supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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