Tarchulovski manifesting clear intention for discrimination and abuse of public resources

CIVIL – Center for Freedom strongly reacts and condemns Johan Tarculovski’s position, published in the video footage on October 11, where in the capacity of a candidate for mayor of the Skopje Municipality of Kisela Voda from VMRO-DPMNE, he threatens that he will not make a sewage system for those settlements in the municipality that will not vote for him.

It is as if though the municipality and public resources are his own private ownership! This position is direct, public pressure on the electorate and it must not be tolerated.

Tarculovski is expressing an obvious, discriminatory position and is speaking of clear determination and intention to abuse the municipal resources for implementing political revenge against citizens who are not like-minded.

What is even worse is that VMRO-DPMNE, instead of being reserved from such an attitude of their candidate for mayor, or even withdrawing him, which would be a sign of high political virtue, is going in his defense and at the same is additionally attacking its political opponents. With this, the party that has nominated this former convict of war crimes as candidate, is clearly declaring that it is representing discrimination policies and practices, political revenge and abuse of public resources.

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