Spirovska and Bogoevski unanimous: They will not intimidate us!

CIVIL Media spoke with Pavle Bogoevski and Simona Spirovska, one of the loudest activists, after they were detained last night during the protest of the Colorful Revolution.


“I was talking with my parents on the phone when one of the people who was arresting us showed me his badge. My phone was grabbed from my hand and was turned off. Then we were told that they had stopped us in order to have our identity checked. It so happened that at the moment my husband and I didn’t have our ID cards with us. They left us waiting for half an hour. I suggested that we go to the police station so that we could end the agony. We went to police station “Centar”, they took us to the basement and gave us a statement to sign that we were not carrying our IDs, along with an offence charge of failure to carry our IDs with us. That is fine, it was our mistake. Then, they came down and requested from me to sign another offense charge for painting the Ministry of Justice. I denied to sign the second offence. They let us go soon afterwards”, explains Spirovska in regards to what happened yesterday night.

“My message is the same as it was before, they can try to frighten us, but it will never work! With this they are only increasing the anger of the citizens. With these kinds of arrests, the citizens are increasingly more coming to realize in what kind of country we live in and have been living in”, stressed actress Spirovska.


“When we were standing in front of the police station, we still did not know what the charge was for. They called on me as well, where I was charged for another offense, an offence for violating the Law for Public Hygiene, probably for throwing paint at the facade of the Ministry of Justice”, stated Bogoevski.
In terms of the question whether his human rights had been violated, Bogoevski said:

“Apart from the fact that some people are arrested for throwing paint, while others who have committed dozens of crimes are free, there was no human rights violations”, considers Bogoevski.

He said “The fight continues, we must hold on!”.



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