Special Public Prosecutor: Operation “Titanic” to drown the crime

In its first disclosed case, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) has raised charges and filed an arrest warrant for eight persons suspected of criminalization of the electoral process, acts aimed at grabbing political power. Criminal investigation has been opened for: criminal conspiracy, violation of the right to vote and the freedom of voters, corruption of voters, destruction of electoral materials, and abuse election campaign funds.

Prosecutor Fatime Fetai revealed that suspects, in 2012, "in capacities of Minister of Interior, Minister of Transport and Communications, Secretary of Government, and with the help of undefined persons, in order to remain in power at local and national level, have committed crimes for which penalties are three years and more”.

According to prosecutor Fetai, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has made intrusions into the Voters Register and into the structures of the Ministry, and has worked on manipulating the Voters Register for the interests of the ruling structure.

The crimes committed against elections and voting, and legitimacy obtained by such elections, according to SPP, marks the beginning of the criminalization of the entire institutional system.

Detention measures are required for eight persons, and one person has been handed over to the investigating judge, already. The prosecutor Lenche Ristoska noted that these measures are necessary due to justified suspicions that the suspects will put pressure on sources of information.

Among other acts, a part of the electoral theft and operations involve the Ministry of Interior which issued 15,000 false personal identification numbers, 35,000 false IDs and 60,000 new Macedonian citizenships!

At the elections in 2013 people voted with driving licenses, the diaspora has been abused and notaries prepared illegal habitat agreements upon which false identity documents were procured.

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