Simple application for monitors from the country and abroad

A lot of our countryman and countrywomen that live around the world have expressed a lot of interest in joining CIVIL's monitoring team.The procedure for accreditation for the monitors from outside the country and also from Macedonia is simple. All they need to do is deliver their name, surname in Cyrillic font which is used in their ID card, drivers licence or passport which also must be a valid issued government document. That's all.

The information can be sent at the email: or they can fill in the application form on the website #FreeElections (click the link)

The application will take less than two minutes. The application is responsive and available on all devices, phones, tablets.
The deadline for applying for the monitoring team is until Thursday, 1st of December at 16'o clock. The training for the monitors will be conducted during the weekend (3rd and 4th of December) for those who live in Macedonia, while the monitors from outside the country, the training will be online, starting next week.

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