SEC and the Administrative Court have rejected complaints on phantom voters

The State Election Commission (SEC) and the Administrative Court have rejected SDMS’s complaints, expressing suspicion that 20.000 deceased and displaced persons are listed in the electoral register in 22 municipalities around Macedonia. When lodging the grievances, SDSM expressed their suspicion that it is about deceased persons, persons permanently displaced or persons not living on the addresses indicated in the electoral register.

According to the data CIVIL Media obtained, the rationale for rejection of complaints is that there is insufficient evidence, which would make them accept the request.

“The persons in question, suspected to live on the same address, have registered their domicile in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as possess valid biometric documents, with which they fulfil legally envisaged conditions as stipulated in Article 41, paragraphs 4 and 5, for registration in the electoral register”, reads the Decision issued by the Administrative Court.

The opposition has expressed suspicion that 1.045 deceased persons are listed in the electoral register, whilst SEC has concluded that of them, 202 persons are actually deceased, and for their cases, a request has been submitted for additional examination in the Directorate for Civil Registry.

It is still uncertain whether these persons have been removed from the electoral register.

Meri Jordanovska

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