Sanja Arsovska: Freedom will not be a gift!

The young actress Sanja Arsovska on overcoming fear, pressures and manipulations.

One of the reasons we are in such a desperate situation is because we allowed someone to arrogate the words freedom and democracy, to manipulate them, to change their meaning and thus, leave an impression that everything is normal and in order  - when they speak of freedom for us to feel fear and some pressure! And when they speak about democracy, for us to think about our endangered rights.

Freedom has not been and will not be a gift from any government. Fear is what the government is giving us, it feeds upon it and rules extensively on its account.  To rule and to become rich at the expense of one’s fears, that is a very sad story. Especially for those frightened. Therefore, let’s overcome fear, overcome all pressures and manipulations and not allow for anyone ever again to intervene in our own choice.

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