Public presentations for freeing the media space and building a free society

“Free media for a free society” is a project that, primarily, carries out promotion and civic education on media freedom as a precondition for a free society, but also has the purpose of creating a completely independent platform that will serve as a public resource for the media, civil society organizations and all active citizens.

For that purpose, CIVIL organized public presentations at which not only was the project promoted, but there were also discussions about the role of the media in the democratization and freeing of society, about citizen participation and the opportunity for active participation of citizens, who with their proposals, recommendations, comments, testimonies and information that they will share with CIVIL’s team will directly influence the creation of the media space in Macedonia.

CIVIL will be intensifying its public events in the upcoming period, after the eight events already held since the start of the project.

The public event “Perspectives 2018” was held on December 22 and 25, 2017, and was an excellent opportunity for CIVIL to present its projects, reports and opinions in regards to freedom of expression and media freedom, human rights and freedoms, social justice, environment, youth, the election process and the democratic transformation of society.

CIVIL invited experts, eminent public figures, activists, media workers, and also the media so that they could inform themselves and take statements about everything that CIVIL as an organization and CIVIL Media as a media platform cover in the area of human rights and freedoms, freedom of expression and media freedom.

The public event Media – citizen Monday for a free society, brought together the media, civil society organizations and the citizens in one joint meeting at which freedom, without which there are no free media, was discussed. CIVIL presented the media platform CIVIL Media as an opportunity for participation in the strengthening of citizen awareness, freedom of expression and media freedom.  The views and recommendations of the media workers were of enormous significance for the development of the media platform as a resource not only of the media, but also of civil society organizations.

CIVIL also organized public events for civic activists and citizens who were looking for a way and an opportunity to actively be involved in the creation of society and the media.

There were public presentations held in KumanovoStrumica and Skopje. In addition to presenting the project activities, those who were present also had the opportunity to learn about the ways they can become involved in freeing the media and building a free society. The project “Free media for a free society”, is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.



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