Protests sweep across Macedonia

The wave of protests in the Republic of Macedonia continue. Over ten thousand protesters in Skopje, and several thousand protesters in Bitola, Kumanovo, Strumica, Shtip and Veles took the streets today, demanding resignation of President Gorge Ivanov and of the government. 

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Skopje, April 13, 2016

The Macedonian Ministry of Interior has issued a press release, claiming that the Voters Register is not properly revised and laws and the Przhino Agreement are breached, just before the beginning of today's protests.


Skopje, April, 2016

The citizen revolt followed the Macedonian President Ivanov's decision, on April 12, to pardon over fifty persons who face criminal investigation and criminal charges for corruption, abuse of power and electoral theft, including highest government representatives. Every day at 6 pm local time, thousands of protesters first gather at the Special Public Prosecutor's office to express their support to this institution that has the mandate to investigate high profile cases of corruption, abuse of power and electoral fraud by highest government officials and their associates.

Tens of thousands of prodemocracy protesters rallied every day since April 12, demanding resignation of President Gorge Ivanov. The democratic public, civil society, international community and human rights activists demanded recall of President Ivanov's decision.


Demolishing the representative of President Ivanov, Skopje, April 13, 2016

The first two days of the protests were rather tense and violent, with dozens of arrests, and as many injured, including two journalists and an observer of CIVIL. Well over 5,000 people took the streets each day of the protests. It is expected that the number of protesters will grow this evening.

The protesters, gathered around the citizen initiative #Protestiram (I Protest) have issued several demands on their Facebook profile: “Resignation of the President Gorge Ivanov, because of the shameful attempt to obstruct justice and abolish criminals; establishing an expert government that will prepare the real free, credible and democratic elections, and will help justice take effect in cases of politicians and power-holders for their crimes; urgent suspending of the call for the early parliamentary elections”.

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