CIVIL press conference: The reforms in the electoral system must be comprehensive and fair

CIVIL invites the media to an outdoor press conference, tomorrow (Friday, July 19, 2019), starting at 12.30, in front of the office of the organization on Maksim Gorki Street 31/1, at the parking behind “Paleta”. As always, the event is open for all interested citizens.

The electoral system has matured long ago for fundamental changes. Only the biggest political parties determine the extent of the reforms in the country, whereas the public, civil society, expert community and smaller political parties are left on the margins.

What are CIVIL’s key recommendations on reforms in the electoral system? How are smaller ethnic communities and vulnerable categories of citizens abused in the election processes? Should the electoral model be changed, how, and in which time framework? Does North Macedonia have the need of early elections? What should (not) happen with the Electoral Code, Voters Register, financing of the political campaigns?...

These are just some of the questions for which CIVIL continuously shares with the public results from the monitoring, as well as analyses and recommendations for improving and democratization of the election processes.

Ahead of the meeting of the leaders of the biggest political parties, CIVIL once again will share with the public part of the key analyses and recommendations on the election processes and reforms in this sphere, and will try to give a relevant answer to all the questions from the media.

CIVIL Communication Team

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