„One Can!“ – Initiative of single mothers

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is announcing the launch of the Initiative „One Can!“, dedicated to the rights of single mothers. Social injustice, institutional discrimination, mobbing, domestic violence and stigmatization, are just some of the difficulties faced by single mothers in Macedonia.

This initiative, led by our colleague Doroti Packova, launched a few months ago. In a short time, even before the official announcement of the Initiative “One Can”, the small group attracted the attention of a large number of single mothers. Currently, single mothers who are members of the Initiative are already self-organizing themselves and helping each other.

There is an entire series of actions for strengthening the public awareness and promotion of the activities of the Initiative "One Can". One of the activities is that, as of Monday, August 17, CIVIL Media will begin publishing a series of testimonials from single mothers.

CIVIL, as an organization for human rights and freedoms, realizes the need for improving the social status of single mothers and urges the institutions to change the policies and practices in accordance to the standards of a democratic country.

We are using this opportunity to call upon all single mothers to contact our organization and to join the Initiative which already has a self-help group for single mothers operating.

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