Not mentioned in VMRO-DPMNE’s “report”: Realistically, 600.000 young people have fled Macedonia, in order not to become “slaves” in their own country!

A “Report” has been published on the official website of VMRO-DPMNE on its supposed successes during its 10-year rule of Macedonia, under the slogan: “Realistically! Work, security, progress!” Striking data are given in the report on the reduction of unemployment, the increase in pensions, on the positioning of Macedonia in the “Top 10” – countries for doing business and for creating new jobs…And everything would have been in the context of the current propagandistic enchanting and defocusing of the public if the figures were able to endure a minimum check and comparison with reality…

“More than 160 thousand new jobs have been created since VMRO-DPMNE came to power in 2006 and until now, which have enabled a drop in unemployment from 38 to 24 percent. Macedonia’s ranking is among the top 10 countries in world, and the top five in Europe, according to the conditions for doing business, is stated in the latest report of the World bank, ‘Doing business’, and the latest statistical data on the growth of the industrial production. According to the State Statistical Office, the unemployment rate is 23.4 percent. And for 10 years, the lowest pension has increased by 90.3 percent”, is said in VMRO-DPMNE’s advertisement.

The praises are part of VMRO-DPMNE’s permanent campaign, but in a real report, the party that has been ruling for an entire decade in Macedonia, would have to give explanation to the numerous open questions that question the meaning of the what has been presented.

For example, in reality, the unemployment rate is also reducing because if an unemployed person does not register on time at the Employment Agency, that person will automatically be deleted as an active jobseeker by the system. And not to mention the empty cities in Eastern Macedonia, whose population, with Bulgarian passports or “illegally” are drudging in Italy and other European countries…What is important is that according to VMRO-DPMNE the number of unemployed is decreasing. If the country ever finds the strength and ability to organize a census, then the tragedy of Macedonia will hit us in the face with its entire force, whereas the lies will burst like soap bubbles.

Realistically, the pensions have increased, but so has the shoving in busses, because the pensioners have received free bus transportation, indeed, only in Skopje. However, it is an open secret that the Pension Fund is on a life support machine and that the machine is about to stop working anytime soon, because pensions are still being given, even though every Tuesday, every week, the Government borrows more new credits and throws the next generations into debt slavery…Realistically.



VMRO-DPMNE’s current rule, led by Nikola Gruevski, has supposedly increased the number of employees. But, one citizen has written: “Opening new jobs in Macedonia, this in America 100 years ago was called – slave trade”. How real is the increase in the number of employed, except for the overstaffed administration, for the expansion of the number of new voters for the government?

Realistically, the funds that the state of Macedonia is giving to the foreign investors in the TIRs, which is not available under the same conditions for potential domestic investors, questions the Government’s logic, especially if one knows the wages and rights of the citizens of Macedonia who are employed in such companies.

Cruelly realistic, around 600.000 young Macedonian citizens have left Macedonia, so that they do not become slaves in their own country and work for a salary that is not enough to survive, and not to say – for a decent life.

Someone has to give a report on that! Realistically.

Dehran Muratov


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