Civil has registered the community Facebook page of the Speak UP project to boost visibility and communication on topics related to arts for human rights and solidarity.

The page will serve as information and exchange space for creative people, NGOs and general audience. Anyone can drop a line of comment or inform about an upcoming event, not necessarily always related to the topics relevant to the project, but certainly events or activities that enrich the independent art and public scene in the Macedonia and worldwide. Feel free to share what’s on your mind about our and others’ work. Speak up about arts and about the darkness imposed by institutions and strongmen.


Today, the page bares this message: “Let us know if there is an exhibition or concert in your town. Let us know of projects that educate on human rights through arts and music. Share a link of your favorite painter, writer or band, and tell us why that’s important for you. Tell us if you think violence can be confronted by creativity.” Get in and let your friends know of this page.


Speak Up!



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