MOI announces investigation, commander denies kissing dagger and revolver!

The Ministry of Interior will examine whether commander of the Krusevo Police Blagojce Dimsoski, should be disciplined for, according to the media, being photographed in his official uniform bowing in front of the revolver and dagger placed on the altar of the historic VMRO.

“The Ministry of Interior will conduct examinations, within the regulations that regulate the integrity of police officers, and if violations to police discipline are determined, then a disciplinary procedure will be initiated against the police officer”, announced Natalia Spiroska, Head of the Public Relation Sector and Protocols of MOI for CIVIL Media.

Commander Dimsoski is however decisive that he has not been photographed with the symbols of the historic VMRO, and that he is not an actor in an act that associates one of giving oath of former members of VMRO.

“Such photos do not exist, they are a photomontage”, stated briefly Dimsoski for CIVIL Media, refusing to give any further comment on this subject.


photo: А1Он.мк

The photo that was published on the info portal  А1он.мк, one on which the uniformed police officer is bowing in front of the historic VMRO revolver and dagger, today sparked much interest in the public. There is no end to the reactions of the citizens, precisely because of the content of the oath that was once given by members of VMRO.

“We swear in the name of God, our faith and honor that from now on we will serve as much as possible to the freedom of our homeland, Macedonia and Adrianople. We will obey the orders of our heads, and we will not tell secret national affairs to anyone. If we do not obey the orders of our heads, or if we tell anyone, consciously or unconsciously, the things that we see now, that we hear and carry out, then let us be killed by the brothers, with the weapons that we now embrace. Amen!”

There are also reactions from employees in the MOI, noting that such photos are simply a reflection of the unprofessionalism that has been ruling in this Ministry for an entire decade.

“The Macedonian police, especially the appointed managers, are purely party members. The police seem to be more like a branch office of the ruling party, because its members are louder than the other colleagues, who are either politically neutral or are members of the opposition. Even the penalties in certain cases are carried out on party basis”, note policemen who strive for full separation of the ruling party and this body of the executive power.

Depoliticization of the MOI and the need for its full professionalization, along with the need for urgent amendments to the Law on Police, are part of the recommendations and measures that civil society organizations and independent experts have included in the “Proposal document for urgent democratic reforms”.

“Without a reformed Ministry, reformed police, there is no Voters Register, no population census, there is no initial defense from the violence that is conducted in different ways by the state bodies or individuals within state bodies or by party structures”, stated Gjuner Ismail from CSID “FORUM” for CIVIL Media.

Monika Taleska

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