Man threatened police officers with a gun at a polling station in Skopje

The MOI states that police officers were attacked by a larger group of people at a polling station in Skopje-Sever, in the Municipality of Cair. One person from the group attacked the police officers physically, while another pulled out a gun and threatened.


The incident took place around 5.30 pm on Sunday in the Center for Rehabilitation in Skopje-Sever, where 4 polling stations are located. So far, there are no criminal charges, while the MOI announced clearing up of the case.

„On 31.10.2021 at 11.30pm, in the Sector of Interior Skopje it was reported that at around 5.30 pm at polling stations 2955, 2955/1, 2956, 2956/1 in the Center for Rehabilitation in Skopje Sever, while police officers were securing the polling station, they were attacked by I.Т. (42) from Skopje, together with several persons, among which I. Lj (39) from Skopje, who threatened them with a gun. Measures are being taken to clarify the case”, is said in the MOI statement.



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