In these moments of sadness, grief and revolt against the horrific attack and murder of 10 cartoonists and journalists of Charlie Hebdo and two police officers, I am sending my deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this barbaric act. I stand today, with my friends and colleagues, with all freedom loving people across the world and shout: I am Charlie!

Je Souis CharlieThese murderers only brought shame to humanity. They do not fight for equality or justice.  They lined up with the butchers of the world, became killers of beauty, and proved to be haters of freedom. Those who may be proud of the attackers on Charlie are a disgrace for the human civilization, nothing else. This attack has wounded every fundament of any faith and of humanity as a whole.The killers brought terror and suffering, but also reminded the world of the greatness of liberty. They’ve committed an evil and dishonorable act, one of the bloodiest reminders on what is worth living and dying for: freedom of expression.

DSC_0518 (L)There’s no other answer to this horrible crime, but love. There is no other way out but commitment to justice, liberty and equality. There is no other answer to this horror, but the beauty of peace. There is no other answer to destruction, evil and godlessness, but solidarity, respect and freedom.

Here I stand! #JeSuisCharlie!

Xhabir Deralla

President of CIVIL

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