It is time for man to rethink his future

World Earth Day, April 22, is a reminder that taking care of the only home we have in space should be a primary concern of everyone.

The fight against climate changes, from which there is ever growing danger, is being marked through numerous actions and events for strengthening public awareness on environmental protection, conserving the Earth’s natural resources and creating a sustainable and healthy society for all.

CIVIL-Center for Freedom has already started with the project “Action-Integration”, which has the goal, among else, to also strengthen public awareness on citizen participation, understanding and advocating green values and initiatives.

CIVIL will continue to defend its uncompromising positions on social and environmental justice in society. Personal happiness, health, human dignity, human rights and freedoms, among which is the universal human right to live and work in a clean and healthy environment, are the base of our efforts in this sphere.

Advocacy, promotion and respect for green values are part of the European values.  We will advocate for these values every day and everywhere, regardless of whether our activities and projects have a “green flag”.

The time comes when we have to honestly and openly, without any avoidance, point out to the false and hypocritical entities, which only declaratively assert themselves as green, and when sustainability projects are just a décor of exploitative and anti-environmental policies and practices. We say STOP to the abuses. We expect for the institutions and civil society first to learn and then to start respecting the green values.

Neither planet Earth, nor our society can tolerate manipulations any more. It is time for man to rethink his future and to step towards it. The CIVILians are already stepping towards that future.

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