International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day is a day to celebrate our unity in diversity, to raise public awareness on the importance of solidarity, to encourage debate on the manners of promoting solidarity for the achievement of the sustainable development goals, as well as to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements.

The United Nations dedicate this day also to human rights, eradication of poverty, hunger, diseases, protecting our planet and providing decent life for everyone.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom reminds that solidarity, mutual respect, non-conflicting policies, dialogue, cooperation, protection of human rights and freedoms are a path that leads to a better society and a dignified life for all people.

What can be concluded in Macedonia is that, unfortunately, it is still in a situation in which human rights and freedoms are seriously violated, in which there are divisions on various grounds, in which over a third of the population still faces poverty on a daily basis. What reflects our society is a health care system that does not exist, an education system that degrades, also corrupt institutions, hate speech, emphasizing of differences, encouraging of violence…

Macedonia in a year of crucial social and political turmoil, with decisions that should bring prosperity and wellbeing, is still in a vicious circle of hopelessness.

CIVIL calls for awareness of the institutions and for raising the voice of the citizens with the sole purpose that leads to improving the living standard of all, eradicating poverty, hunger and diseases through solidarity and mutual cooperation and respect.

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