Institutions deaf to the plight of bankrupt workers

Civil Media Reporters talked with Ljiljana Georgievska from UNIT association, known as the leader of the workers of bankrupt companies about the situation in which this category of people are. Who belongs to this category of risk and social workers in the Republic of Macedonia. Georgieva explains the difficult life of these workers and their high level of mortality. I repeat their demands and explain how would cost state coffers. We asked for her comments on the government's decision in pre-election period, as workers would include it, and the decision of 2008, which was also adopted during the parliamentary election.

Georgievska tells for the graft that was given to the voters and the reasons why it has succeeded in this vulnerable social category.  She explains that it is hard to be the leader of such a group and that she faces pressures and threats, as well as efforts in 2011 to purchase UNIT leaders. She told us what she is expecting from the old/new  government.


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