In between reports and denials

Reactions continue against the reporting of CIVIL observers during the election process and the days after in the municipality of Tearce, on the alleged discontent of DPA voters. During a talk with a representative from DPA’s Elections Headquarters seat in Tearce, he stuck to the attitude that “there is nothing in the world that DPA members and voters can be bribed with”.

Because of the contradictions of the differences of statements from the field, CIVIL feels obligated to inform that Tearce, same as many other municipalities in Macedonia shall remain to be thoroughly investigated by CIVIL team. Presently, CIVIL team has been working to collect data and statements from the field, and shall come out with final data during next week.

Meanwhile, until all suspicions are clarified on these data and once further materials from the field is gathered, for which we believe to disclose further data on the situation, we ask the citizens of Tearce and DPA voters for their understanding of the situation of possible confusion and contradictory statements and we hope to reach collaboration, as always, until final clarification of facts have been reached.

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