Human rights are not just another job

Human Rights Day 2013, World

On the International Human Rights Day we remember the severe violations of human rights and freedoms across the world and call for solidarity in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice to every human being on Earth.

The world today: wars and military interventionism, oppression of minorities and women, exploitation of workers, child labor, poverty, political prisoners, widespread discrimination, and restrictions of freedom of speech - the list goes on and on.

Violence, torture and killings take place every day in many countries. Autocratic and dictatorial regimes continue to oppress and bring misery to the daily life of millions of people across the world.

The officials of international institutions and agencies appearing on international media empires keep issuing reports on “challenges ahead”. They keep writing and voting on various documents containing recommendations, agendas, measures and many other fancy words that are far away from the grim picture of people’s lives nowadays. Detached from reality, they seem to be nothing but talking heads that only justify what cannot be justified. They sit around the same table with representatives of regimes that oppress and kill.

Let it be remembered! Human rights are just another job for many who are on the helm of quite a few “human rights” empires in the world. Human rights are not just another chapter in the law books. It is not a matter of a pay grade or personal portfolio. It is a duty.

Still, there is hope. Human rights struggle has moved to the streets and on the Internet. Millions of young people defy the regimes and raise their voices against manipulation, violence and oppression. Knowledge and awareness about the wicked games of those in power has risen and changes have settled in the minds, where changes have to start first.

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