How to report election irregularities to CIVIL?

CIVIL calls on its observers and all citizens to report election irregularities, including violation of the election silence, which starts on midnight between Friday and Saturday (October 29/30)

Election irregularities such as pressure, vote-buying, abuses, problems with the Voters Register, violation of the election silence, hate speech, namely, everything that citizens believe is not in accordance to their understanding of free, fair and democratic elections, can be reported to CIVIL.

Addresses and contacts

Reports can be submitted on the or in a Citizen application,which can easily be found by clicking on the banner Stop fake news and hate speech on the internet portal

In addition, irregularities can be reported at the following email ([email protected]), in a message on CIVIL’s Facebook page or at the following telephone numbers: 02 / 5209 176 (on Sunday, from 7.00 am) and 070 699 580 (Saturday, October 30, from 12.30 pm).


Public gratitude

In Election Report #28, the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla, expressed public gratitude for the impeccable and dedicated work of all observers involved in the election monitoring.

Also, public gratitude was expressed to all citizens from throughout the country for the expressed trust and support to the organization.



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