How to disqualify democracy

In a cozy atmosphere, carried along on the tide of the World Cup euphoria, the promotion and exhibit of artifacts in organisation of Civil - the Center for Freedom as a closing event of the project "Free elections 2014" will take place in less than 24 hours.

The publication "Elections 2014: Disqualified Democracy" is a thorough and serious analysis of the elections and the political atmosphere in the Republic of Macedonia.

Archive photo from a panel discussion, April 27 2014

Its contents are just a selection of everything that has been registered in the period so far, starting from the call for elections, the early start of the election campaigns and the breach of the campaign silence, through the media bias and propaganda imbalance, the use of police force, party pressures and bribing voters, but also the issues concerning phantom voters, as well as the unlawful conduct of some the electoral boards members, public voting, family and group voting, down to the reaction and response from the relevant institutions about the registered irregularities, and our post-election monitoring as well. These are only part of the topics elaborated in uniquely accurate vivisection of the overall electoral process, meanwhile paying special attention to the impartiality and supporting with facts everything that has been said.

A group of artists has been tasked to organise the exhibit of artifacts. In addition, they have prepared exceptionally interesting and refreshing design creations, thus enriching the space and the experience for all who will be visiting this event on July 8, 2014 (Thuesday), starting at 12:00 pm in the GEM Club in Skopje Old Bazaar. All citizens are invited and very welcome to join this gathering and party with the project team that stands behind the organisation and implementation of the project.

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