Protesters against police brutality were brutally beaten by the police last night. Not only in front of the Government building, but also on the streets of the broader central area, on parking lots, parks and in the Public Library "Braka Miladinovci".

For now, an unknown number of citizens have been beaten, harassed and insulted, some of which have even been detained without any reason or explanation. According to information, 10 people are still held in police custody at the Police Station - Prolet and 17, including three women, are in held in the Police Station - Avtokomanda.

Those who were beaten and harassed while being detained, and kept in police custody overnight, have been brought before court and, according to our sources, some have been threatened with criminal prosecution, without any basis. And they remain captives of the harsh and brutal reaction of the government in last night’s demonstrations.

According to reports from the field, all those who were detained were beaten after being overcome, though they did not show any resistance, and were lied on the ground and had handcuffs on them. This is an extremely brutal act and violation of human rights on all grounds.


The entrance in the city library


The attack on the Public Library "Braka Miladinovci", the beatings and harassment of the students who were studying there, had been conducted in an exceedingly illegal manner.

Заедно против насилството?

Ironically, this poster at the library's entrance reads: Together against violence - a joint project of the police and OSCE

We urge all members of police forces, not to follow commands that are against the law. They have the right to disobey orders that are against the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia. We urge all citizens to abstain from violence. All injured, both protesters and police officers, are unnecessary victims of the wrong policies of those in power.

We demand urgent release of all unlawfully detained citizens.

We demand responsibility for the last night's police brutality.

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