Government continues action against protests

There is continuing pressure being put on citizens not to attend the anti-government protests scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday, May 17). By misusing the administration and police authorities, the government is trying in all manners to prevent the protests, or reduce their mass, thus, violating the human right to peaceful protests and freedom of expression.

CIVIL already announced that textile plants in Stip have declared tomorrow to be a working day, thereby, violating workers' rights.

CIVIL has come across information that foreign investor Drexler-Mayer has announced tomorrow to be a working day, and according to some sources, those who will be working on Sunday will be able to rest on Monday, for when the counter-protests organized by the government have been scheduled. The same is also happening in Stip.

This once again shows that the government is putting pressure also on the private sector and that it has left no space that is not being pressured, contrary to the Constitution and laws.

From the 36 buses that were to transport participants from Bitola to the protests, 28 of them have canceled the arrangements. The situation is similar in Prilep and Veles. About three thousand people from Veles who registered for definite participation to the protests in Skopje, only just over 1,000 of them will be able to realize this right through the means of public transportation, as many of the buses in Veles will not ride, because they are booked and paid not to drive on Sunday.

Citizens from Kicevo complained that over the past few days and during yesterday, aggressive campaign was being made from door to door.
A detailed report is being prepared on these conditions and the pressures that are being made, which will be submitted to the public and to the international institutions and diplomatic missions.

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