Government: Coalition parties reaffirm stable parliamentary majority

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev this afternoon held a meeting with representatives of all political parties that make up the parliamentary majority in Parliament, who expressed support for the government, the government's press service said.

"The parliamentary majority is stable and responsible for the future of the state and the people," the statement said, adding that all partners from the parliamentary majority were present at the meeting.

The statement stressed that it was jointly stated that Northern Macedonia and its citizens do not need early parliamentary elections and that such elections would not only plunge the country into a political, economic, social and security crisis, but will also hamper the processes of European integration.

- The coalition partners from the parliamentary majority are unanimous that Northern Macedonia needs a Government that delivers results of interest to the citizens, especially in times of pandemic and energy crisis, with a clear Euro-Atlantic course of action, the statement added.
Source: Sloboden Pecat
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