Goodbye FYROM, long live the Republic of North Macedonia!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is expressing its absolute support to the historical decision of the Macedonian Parliament to adopt the constitutional changes, with which the most important commitments from the Prespa Agreement have been fulfilled. CIVIL congratulates the wise and responsible leaders and all the citizens for the success in overcoming the decade-long Greek-Macedonian dispute.

This decision is an introduction into new relations between neighbours not only in the region, but also in the world. With this Agreement, and with the fulfilment of the agreement on Macedonia’s part, an example is given of how differences and disputes between countries should be overcome. Much of the credit goes to the progressive forces in both countries, as well as the international community.

With this decision the past has been defeated, in which the country was FYROM, and we are stepping into the future of the Republic of North Macedonia, whose identity and language of the Macedonians is not only not endangered, but is finally recognized, and a brighter European and world perspective is opening before the citizens.

Goodbye FYROM, long live the Republic of North Macedonia!

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