The regional multimedia exhibition “Resistance, movement, changes: Fragments of artistic and activist practices from the late eighties until now” is currently taking place in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia.

This exhibition is a result of joint efforts of artists and activists from the former Yugoslav states. Several hundred exhibits and multimedia contents are exhibited that create a chronological sequence in the development of activism and the struggle for human rights and freedoms and the promotion of the democratic processes, through the prism of the vulnerable periods in the more recent Balkan history.

The exhibition is part of the RetroActive project that is led by the world known organization  GONG from Croatia, in partnership with CIVIL – Center for Freedom from Macedonia, Center for Cultural Decontamination (Serbia), the Helsinki Parliament (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Anima (Montenegro), as well as the Foundation Solidarna (Solidarity) and the association Culture of Changes within the Student Centre in Zagreb. Financial support is provided from Europe for Citizens program. The exhibition itself is prepared by the Association for promotion of cultures Kurziv and by curator Martina Kontosik. The exhibition will open on April 22, at the Student Centre in Zagreb.

“Revenge of the tree”, Miroslav Stojanovik – Shuki, Macedonia

CIVIL, as a partner organization of GONG, can proudly announce that Macedonia is exceptionally visible in the exhibition. Among else, CIVIL has been invited to participate with the artwork “Revenge of the tree” by multimedia artist Miroslav Stojanovik – Shuki, as well as with many photos from CIVIL’s archives, most of which are authored by Biljana Jordanovska. The exhibits from Macedonia reflect the resistance and active civil society in Macedonia in recent years, through the prism of the efforts of the organization in defense of human rights and freedoms.

Resistance, movement, changes..., 13 April 2017, Student Centre, Zagreb

The photos include fragments from the protests that were held on April 13, 2015, following President Ivanov’s decision for abolition, from citizen journalism as a new wave in defense of media freedoms and objective informing, from the Freedom Caravan, a project of CIVIL which through art and culture influenced the strengthening of citizen awareness and citizen participation in the decision-making processes at the local and national level.

“Never again, Never. Again?”, Elma Selman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Within the framework of the all day program, Bosnian artist Elma Selman presented herself with the interactive performance titled “Never Again, Never. Again?”, and the works of Niko Autor, Igor Grubik, Adela Jusuk, Sinisa Laborik, Vladimir Miladinovik, Albana Muje were also presented along with a documentation of the works of Sanja Ivekovik, a film by Natasa Nilevik and a group of artists.

The existing works at the entrance of the cinema in the Student Centre, were accompanied with three new productions, selected through a competition of the Foundation Solidarna and the Association Kurziv, Domino and GONG – the works of Ivana Amanini “Walls” and of Jasna Zhmak “I am the future”/

The exhibition was opened at the same time with the marking of GONG’s twentieth anniversary since its formation. With the support of partner organizations and colleagues from the region, GONG’s birthday celebration was marked by the citizens.

Opening of the multimedia event on the occasion of GONG’s birthday

The all-day multimedia event also included the regional conference titled In search for the citizen: Time travel of activists and artistic practices”.

A large number of speakers spoke at the four panel discussions in front of the crowded hall in the Student Centre in Zagreb, among which were prominent leaders in civil society from throughout the region, journalists, university professors and artists, including Dragan Zelic, and Professor Zarko Puhovski from Croatia, Borka Pavicevik from Serbia, Xhabir Deralla and Jasmina Golubovska from Macedonia, and many others.

Third panel discussion: “In search for the citizen in the idealism of liberal democracy: a review of activist and artistic practices from 2000 until now”

The monodrama titled “Postgraduate education” by Vilim Matula and Sinisa Labrovik, directed by Borna Armanini with music by Igor Pavik, was presented at 20.00h in the semicircular hall of the Theater&ТD, while the “Musical activist auditorium” by Ilko Chulik started at 21.00h and grew into an amazing party that lasted until three o’clock past midnight.

First panel discussion, “Civil society, independent culture and the media as a place for presenting the citizen as a political entity”

CIVIL’s team, Ermin Klimenta, Goran Naumovski, Xhabir Deralla and Biljana Jordanovska provided media support to their partners in Zagreb through the social networks, photos and camera. The activists and artistic story from this truly significant multimedia event will continue.

The panel discussions will be fully published in the upcoming period, along with the statements from the activists and artists, while at the Facebook page of GONG and CIVIL readers can obtain more information about the project and experience part of the atmosphere through the photo galleries.


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