Gevgelija sinks in media darkness

CIVIL – Center for Freedom  continues with its activities within the project “Free elections for free citizens”. The regional working group of Gevgelija held a meeting yesterday. Among the participants were local citizen organizations, one web portal and one political party that is in coalition with the ruling party on a local level.

gevgelija (11)At the meeting they discussed the current political crisis and whether conditions for free elections in the country have been created. A prominent issue that was discussed is the lack of media on a local level, the pressures and political discrimination and the blind eye the local government turns on initiatives of fellow citizens. Although outside the electoral context, a part of the conversation covered the longstanding problem of the pollution of the drinking water with arsenic in Gevgelija.

With the attendees in Gevgelija we discussed the upcoming public event "All for free elections" in their city, for which CIVIL prepared video content and printed material.

The regional working group is an ad hoc body formed within the project "Free elections for free citizens" supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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