Female edition of the freedom of lyrics

Freedom Lyrics with participation of poetesses and human rights and peace activists will be held on Wednesday December 18, at Cresha Bar, beginning at 20h.

Urania Pirovska, Dona Kosturanova, Nora Shaqiri, Albulena Karaga, Biljana Ginova, Nita Çavolli, Ivet Gjorgieva, Angelika Apsis and Agi Çavolli will perform freedom lyrics, accompanied by thematic DJ sets by Sonja Eftovska.

As always, an “open” microphone will follow the “official” performance.

“Freedom lyrics” is a segment from the project – initiative ,,Speak Up!” implemented by Civil - Center for Freedom, financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

freedom lyrics 18-12-2013 start

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