Exclusive contents at the launch of "Democracy Disqualified"

The publication "Elections 2014: Disqualified Democracy" published by Civil will be promoted today (July 8) at the GEM club (Old Town) starting at 12 o'clock. Sasho Ordanoski, Xhabir Derala, Sandra Gavrilovska, Meri Jordanovska, Petar Stojkovikj are the authors of the publication, while co-authors are the project team members from Civil, Frosina Mitrusheva, Biljana Jordanovska, Arbana Qerimi, Dzelal Hodzic, Stefan Urdzanovski, Bunjamin Kamberi, Kate Hristovska, Sonja Eftovska and Goran Naumovski.

The publication consists of report and analysis of the electoral process and the general political situation in the country, analysis of the legal aspects of the irregularities, the media and the propaganda. It reveals details of the methodology of CIvil in the implementation of the project, as well as the impact of Civil in the internet space.

Besides analyzes and the reports, the publication contains numerous cartoons by Stevkovski and documentary photographs by the Civil observers.

The launch of the publication is followed by an exhibition of artifacts, created in cooperation with Filip Jovanovski and Nikola Pisarev. There will be an exhibition of cartoons by Igor Stefkovski - Stevac. Exclusively, there will be screening of excerpts of the documentary film by Faik Grbovic, a documentary film maker from Macedonia, who lives and works in London for two decades now.

Civil produced electronic edition on a DVD, which contains the publication in Macedonian, Albanian and English language, as well as a detailed diary of events in context of the elections. The DVD also contains 42 videos and a selection of photographs that documented the work of Civil within this extensive project.

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