Even Easter is used for party agitations

These days, the social networks are engrossed with reactions against Tetovo priests, who have been calling to vote for the ruling political party.

Beside the priests, numerous politicians and political parties have been taking advantage of the Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, to gain political points. Hence, the public have been witnessing eggs painted with party colours, calls to vote and other agitations during the religions manifestations. The impression is unavoidable that the public was not left to celebrate in peace the Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, due to the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

“Before a large number of devotees waiting to receive Communion, the priests in the temple, by praising and eulogising the government, have been urging the believers to support the ruling party in the upcoming elections on 27 April 2014, and avoid committing a sin by voting for the traitors”, reads a citizen’s reaction posted on Facebook.

Also, eggs painted with the party logo and the party ballot number of the two major parties, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, were noted.

“CHRIST IS RISEN!!! I congratulate the great religious Easter Holiday to all Christians, and I invite all our brothers and sisters, fellow citizens, members and supporters of our party to today’s public meeting of VMRO-DPMNE, with its Coalition in Aerodrom. With faith in God, with VMRO to grave!!!”, reads the text on the Facebook profile picture of a party activist.

SDSM is not lacking observance of Easter with eggs painted in blue and purple colours. For instance, the women in Kriva Palanka, on each painted egg, have sealed the logo of the presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski, reading: “Changes for a new beginning”.

The pedestal of the “Macedonian Cross” was placed in the municipality of Aerodrom in the beginning of the election campaign, and it glowed for the first time on Easter. The cross is 51 meters high and 4 meters wide, with a span of 34 meters for the cross arms. The initiator of this project, the president of the World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov, said to the media that the cross is neither provocation, nor conspiracy, and that Macedonia is the root of Christianity. The decision that this Cross is built in Aerodrom was made because 99 percent of the population living in this municipality are Christians.

According to Xhabir Deralla President of CIVIL, the most intimate religious feelings are grossly manipulated, and this has been intensifying divisions among people, which is the contrary of the spirit of religions.

"Easter was used to violate Election Law and to undertake construction works in the municipality of Aerodrom - a Cross was built amidst electoral silence. One politician reduced his programme down to, not have only crosses built, but even mosques if he came to power. Eggs were painted with numbers of candidate lists of political parties. Amid Easter, election headquarters of various political parties were demolished. The abuse of faith for party purposes should not even be criticised, because party media shall immediately declare war. Perhaps this statement will be greeted in that way, " Deralla says.

Titled as: “The thieves received Communion, and the people did not enter the church”, an article on this matter was also published by the journalist Branko Geroski.

"Top of hypocrisy is that even this year, most fervent in the celebration and communion were exactly the thieves, that is, the politicians. Certainly, not all are thieves. Not to mention names now. The people have now learned who they are. They can make difference. And they know. I do not know if they are only acting as believers so that they gain more votes, or do they make connections with God, for the day when they face St. Peter", wrote Geroski in his article.

Meri Jordanovska

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