Elections on December 11, transitional government on Friday

The elections will be held on December 11, while a transitional government will be formed on Friday, September 2. Santa Argirova will be the new chief editor of the news program of MTV. Lulzim Haziri will be the fifth member of the ad-hoc body for media regulation. The methodology for monitoring the electoral media reporting that was prepared by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services was adopted. This is the outcome of the meeting that lasted several hours between the parties that are signatory to the Przino Agreement.

The parties concluded that all conditions for holding early parliamentary elections have been fulfilled. Accordingly, in accordance to the Constitution, the Parliament will be dissolved, whereby the composition of the new government will be voted on September 2, exactly 100 days before the elections.

“We made many steps in order to bring SDSM to a situation in which they can no longer postpone the elections, to have nowhere to hide, to have to face the people and allow them to go out to vote”, said Nikola Gruevski, leader of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the leader of the oppositional SDSM Zoran Zaev, as of today Macedonia has stepped towards a new future, while “Gruevski’s regime goes down in history”. He called upon VMRO-DPMNE and the Constitutional Court “Not to dare and mess with the Special Prosecutor’s Office. The SPO is an expression of hope that justice will be restored in Republic of Macedonia, it has the most support and I believe that it will continue to work outside the reach of politicians and the Constitutional Court, which we all saw who has control over it”, stated Zaev.

Ali Ahmeti, leader of DUI, repeated what had already been agreed at the meeting. “All deadline that have been laid down in the Agreement, will start to be respected as of September 2”, stated Ahmeti. Menduh Thaci said that DPA would continue to be constructive in the future as well. “The international factor remains to be the main hope and guarantee for DPA”, stated Thaci.

Representatives of the international community, US Ambassador Jess Baily and representatives of the EU office in Macedonia also expressed contentment from the agreement that was reached and hope that credible elections will be implemented at which citizens will vote freely. According to foreign diplomats, the decisions that were made at the leader’s meeting are an expression of the political will of the Macedonia parties for the country to move forward. “The conditions for holding election on December 11 have been fulfilled. We will do everything we can in the following weeks and months in order to help and ensure the implementation of credible elections”, promised Ambassador Baily.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom welcomed the final decision for the conditions of the political agreement of July 20 to be fulfilled. From the same moment, CIVIL will start to monitor the implementation of the Agreement, as well as all activities related to the upcoming elections.


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